The camel adventure is individually tailored to our guests (camel snuggle, riding, caravan, trekking, camel carriage...). A visit to the Kamelfarm is only possible by appointment, throughout the year. The activities are outdoors and are weather dependent. All visitors are familiarized with the animals step by step according to their age.



The goal is to feel comfortable with the camels!





The camel adventure takes place on the first visit to the riding arena. While brushing the animals together, you can feel their peace and serenity and win mutual trust. Then you saddle and put on the halter. Special features of the animals, such as origin, nature, behavior, anatomy, commands, ... are explained and shown. Riding is tuned to the skills of the visitors, always guided first and then the reins can be taken alone.


If the rider and the camel feel well, after this first hour a ride into nature is possible. We recommend comfortable outdoor clothing.




Amount € 60, - per camel, duration 1 hour

Example: 2 camels 1 hour cost € 120, -



Appointments can be made via the contact form or by phone.

The appointment should be requested at least 1 week in advance.





In principle are damages covered by a liability insurance.

However, the handling of the animals takes place at the own risk of the participants.

All visitors are informed before the event and expressly note this! It is recommended to wear a riding helmet and a protective vest.



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